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 Araneta&Tan . Photography & Philanthropy
Araneta & Tan - Wildlife Photographers and African Photo Safari specialists. Please install Adobe Flash to view images in our photo gallery. Get Adobe Flash here. If you have Flash installed, click to view gallery.

Photography - the following quote from Sir David Attenborough captures the essence of nature and wildlife photography:

"Great nature pictures have one thing in common. They remind us that the world that lies outside us but of which we are assuredly a part is the most profound source of beauty, wonder and joy. And of the select group of pictures that do that, a few have one further quality. They imprint themselves on the mind. They are unforgettable. This is the rarest and most precious category..."


Philanthropy - through photography and the arts, we aim to promote love, appreciation and awareness of the natural environment which is the natural heritage of all humankind.

Our planet is a fragile and delicate balance of life which we have a responsibility to preserve for the benefit of the generations that follow.

Every one of us can only help our planet one small step at a time, but together we can make a difference.


African photo safaris - for anyone with a love of the natural world, this continent will leave you breathless and at the same time inspire and challenge you to capture this stunning beauty through an expression of words, art or photography.

We invite you to join us in this adventure of exploration and discovery - through the magnificent landscapes teeming with majestic wildlife that have roamed this land for countless generations, a land in which humankind inhabited and evolved from over a hundred thousand years ago. It's no wonder that for many, a visit to this continent evokes a poignant sense of homecoming.

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